How a Manufacturer Reduced Waste by Printing Corrugated Boxes On-Site

Case Study: Manufacturer


A Wallaceburg, ON manufacturer wanted to keep their packaging costs down by ordering printed corrugated boxes in bulk. After completing a packaging audit however, Crawford’s Packaging Specialist determined that bulk ordering, though a cheaper investment upfront, could lead to extra costs in the long run. Instead of getting the boxes printed by a third-party source, Crawford’s Packaging Specialist suggested printing the boxes on-site to give the client the flexibility to make changes to the printed information when required, as well as the ability to print the exact quantity required for each production run.

In order to print the boxes on-site, however, the client would need to invest in a high-resolution printer. Crawford’s Packaging Specialist worked with a Technician from a case labeling/coding machine manufacturer to help determine the right high-resolution printer for our client’s operations.

After demonstrating the equipment’s capabilities and producing printed samples, the client decided to go forward with investing in a new labeling machine for their operations.


The client initially favoured bulk ordering of their printed boxes because of the cheaper rates. However, the challenge was that if the client accidentally overestimated the amount of boxes they needed, this would result in excess stock and loss of valuable warehouse space. Moreover, if those extra boxes ended up being left in the warehouse for long periods of time, these boxes could end up absorbing too much moisture and then eventually lose their strength properties.


1 – Packaging Audit

A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited the manufacturer’s warehouse to perform a full audit of their operations. After completing the audit, the Packaging Specialist worked with a technician from a coding machine manufacturer to determine the best fit for the client. After showing the client samples of a particular machine’s print quality, the client agreed to purchase the machine for their operations.

2 – Packaging Equipment Deployment

Crawford Packaging’s factory-trained and certified Service Team went on-site to install the client’s new case labeling equipment and calibrate the machine to their unique needs.

3 – After Sales Service

Our job doesn’t end once we install your machine. In this case, the manufacturer will have access to Crawford’s after installation training for operation, safety, and maintenance of their newly installed Case Coder.


Printing boxes on site for the client had several benefits:

  • The flexibility to print information on boxes as needed.

  • The ability to print the exact quantity of boxes required for each run.

  • Reduced long-term costs – only having to order blank corrugated boxes instead of printed ones had a significant improvement on manufacturing costs.



Reduced Waste

Fewer cases ordered from their box manufacturer = less waste of cases being left over from printed production runs.


Increased Packaging Efficiency

Now that the manufacturer no longer has to wait for third parties to provide their printed corrugated boxes, they can print their boxes on demand & have the flexibility to make changes to their prints when needed.