How TempGuard™ Helped Kabo Fresh Dog Food Scale Their Business & Reach a New Audience

Case Study: Kabo Fresh Dog Food


Kabo is a Canadian fresh dog food company that delivers freshly cooked, human-grade dog food right to your door. Through their website, customers can fill out a dog profile to help determine a meal plan that best suits their pet’s needs and choose how often they would like to have their meals delivered.



Kabo Fresh Dog Food needed a packaging solution that would:

  • Keep the product frozen in transit for up to 48 hours.

  • Be 100% recyclable.

“Without an insulated packaging solution we would not be able to safely deliver our food to our customers.” – Zach Bernardi, Kabo Co-Founder & Director of Operations


After taking a look at Kabo’s current shipping process, Crawford’s Packaging Specialist, Edward Bose, decided the best way to find a solution that would meet Kabo’s needs was through testing.

Utilizing samples from our supplier, Sealed Air — Edward and Kabo’s team tested different recyclable solutions to see which one would be best at keeping their food frozen for 48 hours.

“We had a lot of input on the final decision, from our production team all the way to our designers” – Zach Bernardi, Kabo Co-Founder & Director of Operations



The right packaging solution for Kabo ended up being a combination of corrugate, gel packs, as well as 12” and 16” TempGuard™ box liners. TempGuard is what enabled Kabo to keep their food frozen for up to 48 hours.


What is TempGuard™?

  • Made of heavy-duty craft paper, TempGuard™ by Sealed Air provides the following benefits:

  • Thermal protection that can last up to 48 hours

  • 100% curbside recyclable

  • Thickness can be adjusted for targeted thermal performance

  • Lightweight design minimizes freight costs

  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit a range of box sizes

“We ultimately picked TempGuard™ because it was fully recyclable and out-performed other solutions at an affordable price” – Zach Bernardi, Kabo Co-Founder & Director of Operations


Kabo has been using TempGuard™ for over a year now, which has produced the following results for their business:

  1. They have gone from one skid of TempGuard™ a month to six.

  2. They are able to market themselves as eco-friendly due to TempGuard™ being 100% curbside recyclable.

  3. They can now ship to destinations that are further away, allowing them to reach new audiences.

“We have been able to scale the business by expanding our delivery capabilities. Before we were using TempGuard™, our insulation would only allow us to ship to destinations that we could reach in 24 hours or less. We’ve been able to reach an entirely new audience that we couldn’t service before.”

Solution Performance

Reduced Waste

TempGuard™ is 100% curbside recyclable and it’s extended thermal capabilities prevents food waste.

Reduced Damage

TempGuard™ cushions products from physical damage.

Reduce Costs

TempGuard’s lightweight design reduces freight costs.

“Crawford Packaging has always made our experience enjoyable. They make sure they deliver the product on time and are always looking for ways to help us improve our business. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”