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Reducing Packaging Times and Increasing Throughput with Protect It Right

Case Study: Industrial Manufacturer


Recently Crawford Packaging worked with a drive and control technology manufacturer located in the Greater Toronto Area. The Manufacturer sought to develop an effective protective packaging solution for their drive control technologies. The Manufacturer was re-purposing protective packaging that came in from their suppliers. These materials were inconsistent and often in poor condition.

Following a Protect It Right audit, the Packaging Specialist recommended the Manufacturer add a PackTiger® Paper Void Fill Machine to improve packaging efficiency and dependability.

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A manufacturer of drive and control technologies wanted to improve their existing protective packaging. The Manufacturer had no established protective packaging plan and had difficulty effectively safeguarding their products. When the Manufacturer required protective packaging, they were re-sourcing materials from their suppliers. This resulted in inconsistent packs and high packaging times. The re-sourced material was ineffective as it was unappealing, inconsistent and unreliable.


The Packaging Specialist visited the Manufacturer’s facility to conduct a Protect It Right audit. The audit assessed the Manufacturer's product and processes to identify the optimal protective packaging solution. The Manufacturer required a system that would be easy to train and use for their staff.

Following the consultation, the Packaging Specialist suggested that the Manufacturer trial a PackTiger® Paper Void Fill Machine. This would allow them to test the machine’s reliability and ease of use. A demo machine was installed in the Manufacturer’s facility for a hands-on trial period.


Protect It Right

The Protect It Right program audits existing protective packaging practices, materials and equipment. The program identifies areas of inefficiency and offers improvements to increase productivity and reduce per pack costs. Through the Protect It Right program clients have discovered ways to reduce their costs by up to 30%.

PackTiger® Paper Void Fill Machine

The PackTiger® paper packaging system creates custom-length paper pads, which can be used in a variety of packaging techniques. The versatile system creates up to 150 paper pads per minute which are perfect for cushioning and blocking and bracing. The TigerPad material is made from 85% post-industrial, and 15% post-consumer recovered fibers for a 100% recycled material. The small footprint makes the PackTiger® ideal for workstations while the wheeled base enables mobility for off-line bulk processing.  


Following the trial period, the Manufacturer added a PackTiger® machine to their packaging line. This knowledge-based, impactful packaging solution has helped to increase productivity, optimize labour and create a positive unboxing experience for their customers.

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Reduced Labour Costs

The PackTiger® paper void fill machine has helped the Manufacturer optimize their labour. Employees have a consistent, reliable source for their void fill material. This eliminated their time spent sorting through old packaging to re-source the old material. Employees now only have to size the amount of material they require, and the PackTiger®creates it on-demand.

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Increased Packaging Throughput

The PackTiger® has helped the Manufacturer to reduce their packaging times and increase throughput. With a centralized void fill solution, the Manufacturer's employees focus on completing their packaging tasks. Employees have been able to reduce their packaging time due to the availability of their void fill material. The reduction in packaging time has helped to increase the number of packs an employee can complete per shift.

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Creating a Positive Unboxing Experience

With the addition of the PackTiger®, the Manufacturer has greatly improved the unboxing experience for their consumers. The on-demand void fill material produced by the PackTiger® is fresh and clean, unlike the re-purposed material that was being used before. The paper void fill material is made from 100% recovered material and is 100% recyclable for easy disposal. This has created a completely sustainable and easy to recycle packaging solution that greatly improves the overall look of the Manufacturer’s packaged products.

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