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Reducing Package Pilferage and Reducing Waste with Tape It Right 

Case Study: Logistics Provider


A GTA logistics provider was experiencing pilferage in transit and poor box taping results with their current carton closing solution. A Crawford Packaging Specialist visited the Logistics Provider to conduct a Tape It Right audit. The Packaging Specialist reviewed their challenges and provided two solutions that would decrease pilferage and increase package security. After a trial of the two options, the Logistics Provider added a new Better Pack 555e tape dispenser and water-activated tape to their packaging solution. The Logistics Provider was impressed with Crawford’s Tape It Right program and has implemented it throughout the Logistics Provider’s other facilities across Canada.

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A Logistics Provider, located in the Greater Toronto Area, was experiencing pilferage in transit and poor box taping results with their current case sealer. This greatly impacts the Logistic's Providers relationship with their customers. A Crawford Packaging Specialist was tasked with coming up with a solution to eliminate the poor tape results and decrease the pilferage in transit.


After reviewing the Logistics Provider’s current packaging solution and goals, the Packaging Specialist suggested a trial of two different case sealing options to determine the best fit for their operation.

Working with Crawford’s supplier, the Packaging Specialist installed a trial unit of a Better Pack 555e tape dispenser paired with water-activated tape into the packaging line. The Packaging Specialist also tested a new case sealer designed for under stuffed cartons with a variety of different polypropylene tape grades.

The Logistics Provider tested both tape types and case sealing solutions for their operators to provide feedback. The Logistics Provider evaluated the performance of the new tapes and equipment to determine improvement, value and cost.

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Tape It Right Program

Tape It Right works with clients to audit and review their existing case sealing practices and equipment. This will improve sealing efficiency and productivity through the identification and standardization of improved case sealing practices. Through this standardization, Tape It Right has helped businesses save up to 30% on their annual carton sealing costs.

After testing both carton sealing solutions, the Logistics Provider decided the Better Pack 555e Tape Dispenser and water-activated tape worked best for their packaging operation. The Logistics Provider decided to enhance their branding with custom printed water-activated tape.

The Better Pack 555e tape dispenser works with water-activated tape to provide a superior seal. This fast and efficient electric gummed tape dispenser is ideal for high volume packaging environments.

The water-activated tape is designed for a fast and permanent adhesion to the carton. The box cannot be opened without leaving a broken seal making it obvious if there were packaging pilferage issues.

A Crawford Service Technician installed the new tape dispenser and trained the Logistics Provider’s employees. The wearable replacement parts were highlighted as well as the safety aspects of the machine. The Logistics Provider’s employees have a good understanding of how to troubleshoot and make minor adjustments to suit their application and needs.


Following the implementation of the new water-activated tape case sealing solution, the Logistics Provider has seen a drastic decline in the rate of pilferage in transit. This knowledge-based solution has also increased productivity, reduced waste and labour costs. The Tape It Right program has been deemed a huge success and has been implemented throughout their facilities Canada-wide.

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Reduced Parcel Theft

The new water-activated tape solution has drastically decreased the rate of pilferage in transit. The immediate destructive bond of water-activated tape deters thieves from attempting to open a package.

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Increased Productivity

The Logistics Provider no longer needs to use excessive amounts of tape trying to increase package security and prevent pilferage. One strip of water-activated tape securely seals a package, the Better Pack 555e machine automatically dispenses the right size tape for each carton.

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Reduced Waste & Labour Costs

Now that that Logistics Provider does not have to re-tape cases, less tape is being used which therefore reduces the amount of waste created. Less re-taping also leads to a larger decrease in labour.

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