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Increasing Shrink Packaging Throughput to Meet an Increase in Demand

Case Study: Food Processing


Crawford Packaging was contacted by a former packaging equipment client looking to purchase a second Shrink Wrap packaging system. A new Shrink Wrap Machine was needed to help meet their recent increase in packaging demand. Crawford’s Packaging Specialist reached out to the Client and offered them a ticket to the upcoming Crawford Packaging Performance Expo. The Performance Expo was being hosted at our Packaging Equipment Show Room in Brampton, Ontario.

At the Performance Expo, the Client was able to better understand how the new shrink packaging system and Crawford’s Shrink Program would benefit them. Throughout the Expo, the Client and the Packaging Specialist discussed the existing difficulties the Client was having, their current packaging volumes, and what they would expect them to be in the future. Crawford’s Packaging Specialist determined the client could increase their packaging efficiency and throughput with a Shanklin TR-2 Shrink Wrapper and T-7H Shrink Tunnel. Crawford’s Shrink Program allowed the client to increase productivity, lower consumption and reduce waste.

Food Processing Shrink Wrap Packaging Operation


The Client was having difficulties meeting their required packaging production levels with their existing Automatic L-Sealer. The older machine was regularly failing and required constant servicing resulting in packaging build up during downtime. The Client was also experiencing further delays due to shrink film roll changes due to the shorter roll yields of 60 gauge shrink film.


At the Performance Expo, the Client received hands on experience with the Shanklin Triumph 2 Shrink Wrapper. To accompany the TR-2, the Client was shown the Shanklin T-7H Shrink Tunnel. Crawford’s Packaging Specialist discussed how the Client’s shrink film consumption rates could be improved. Analyzing their existing film usage, the Packaging Specialist discovered that the client would benefit from a high strength, premium shrink film.


With an understanding of the available shrink packaging machine options, the Client chose to add a Shanklin TR-2 and T-7H to their shrink packaging line. This system has helped the Client meet their packaging demand, as well as any upcoming increases. Due to the Client’s immediate need to increase packaging volumes, Crawford Packaging provided a rental machine until the new machines were ready for installation.

Shanklin TR-2 and T-7H Shrink Wrapping System

The TR-2 is an Automatic Form-Fill-Seal Shrink Wrapper that can package up to 60 packs a minute. The TR-2 is perfect for large volume shrink wrap packaging solutions and has a wide array of beneficial features. The TR-2 is an easy to use machine, able to store up to 25 separate recipes in its picture based touch screen control system. The TR-2’s EZ load film cradle and recessed salvage winder ensure quick and easy film change overs and clean up processes.

The T-7H is a heavy-duty shrink tunnel with a belt that can vary between 15 and 120 feet/min. The T-7H’s six heating elements offers precision temperature control with a range from 50° to 500° Fahrenheit. With heat and speed controls the T-7H gives the user absolute control over the shrinking process.

High strength, premium shrink films are thinner gauge than regular films but keep the same strength due to improved film composition. A thinner film allows manufacturers to hold more film length per role, increasing shrink film roll yield and packs per roll while decreasing roll change frequency. A single roll of premium 42-gauge film holds 6250 feet of film, whereas the 60 gauge film only held 4750 feet. The improved film efficiency and decreased consumption rates would help increase the Client’s payback time on their new shrink packaging system.


This knowledge based packaging solution helped the Client increase their packaging productivity and cut packaging build up. The addition of a second shrink wrap packaging system has allowed the Client to increase their packaging throughput, eliminating their packaging build up issues. During the installation and implementation process the Client utilized Crawford’s Packaging Equipment Training Program. Our factory trained and certified Technicians worked with the various levels of the Client’s staff to establish a thorough understanding of the TR-2 and T-7H. Crawford Packaging’s Equipment Training Program educates users and maintenance teams on how to properly run the machine and troubleshoot equipment issues.

The premium shrink film has increased the Client's shrink packaging throughput, reducing roll changes due to an increased film yield per role. The down gauged film has reduced the clients shrink film waste rates, reducing shrink film waste per pack through a reduction in raw materials.

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