Solving A Sealing Problem Using Tape It Right

Case Study: General Manufacturer


Polypropylene tape couldn’t keep a general manufacturer’s cases sealed — putting their products at risk of being lost, damaged, or stolen. The tape was unable to adhere to the corrugated boxes, meaning that employees believed that multiple strips were needed to keep the box sealed. Not only did this slow down throughput, but it resulted in over-consumption of tape and wasted labour time.

When this problem became increasingly common in the shipping process, the general manufacturer decided to open the door to alternatives. A Crawford Packaging Specialist conducted a Tape It Right audit to find the source of the issue and the best possible solution. Once completed, it was revealed that a Better Pack 555E water-activated tape dispenser would resolve the problem. Water-activated tape created a strong, secure bond that’s reliable and tamper-proof.

The Packaging Specialist installed a trial machine in their production line so that the general manufacturer could evaluate its performance. During the trial period, the manufacturer experienced a significant increase in throughput consistency and efficiency, as well as savings in tape consumption and labour. Happy with the results, the company made the decision to acquire the tape dispenser and add it to their process full-time.


A general manufacturer’s products were at risk of damage because boxes were leaving their facility without a proper seal. Polypropylene tape couldn’t adhere to the corrugated cardboard effectively, resulting in loose or over-taped seals. Employees believed that multiple strips of tape were needed to keep the box sealed. However, as will most polypropylene tapes, if the first piece doesn’t adhere, further strips won’t provide any significant benefit. In order to avoid product loss, theft, or damage, the manufacturer knew that a new taping option was needed.



A Tape It Right audit was conducted by a Crawford Packaging Specialist to find a solution that would be cost-effective and efficient. The Specialist recommended using a Better Pack 555E water-activated tape dispenser to fully unlock the potential of WAT. Water-activated tape not only provides a more secure bond, but its ability to remain tamper-proof helps ensure the safety of a product to final delivery point. In order to prove the merit of this innovation, the Specialist installed a dispenser for a trial period at no charge.



Tape It Right

Tape It Right works with clients to audit and review their existing case sealing practices and equipment. This will improve sealing efficiency and productivity through the identification and standardization of improved case sealing practices. Through this standardization, Tape It Right has helped businesses save up to 30% on their annual carton sealing costs.


Better Pack 555e

The Better Pack 555e is an electric water-activated tape dispenser was made for fast-paced shipping and packaging environment. With a voltage of 115V. and 1,000 ft. roll tape capacity, the Better Pack 555e works harder with fewer changeovers.



Reduced Waste

By using WAT, the amount of wasted tape went down exponentially. One strip reliably seals the cases, instead of the multiple strips of Polypropylene tape needed prior to the Tape It Right audit.


Increased Throughput

By reducing the amount of time needed to re-seal cases, throughput is more consistent and efficient.


Reduced Labour

Instead of time wasted on applying multiple strips of taste on each case being processed, workers can tape more boxes in the same period.