Eliminating Hidden Waste with Wrap It Right

Case Study: Manufacturer


A Crawford Packaging Specialist was originally called in to speak to the manufacturer about upgrading their stretch wrappers to keep up with increased production. However, after conducting a Wrap It Right audit, the Specialist determined that a smaller film width and a specialized stretch wrapper would save the manufacturer thousands per year on film costs. The Specialist recommended using an 80-gauge, 20-inch UVI film and a Wulftec SML 150 with extended height. This solution would not only upgrade their packaging operations, it would also save the manufacturer an estimated $1,200 per machine.

Once a trial machine was implemented with the recommended features and film specifications, the manufacturer immediately began to see results. Film consumption and waste have dramatically decreased as a result of the new stretch film, and the extended height has reduced the previously large overhang on top of the skid. As a result of the success, the manufacturer is upgrading all four of their production lines with the solution, boosting their savings to $4,800 per year.


A manufacturer was using outdated stretch wrappers and the wrong stretch film for their pallets, resulting in increased film consumption. Pallets leaving the facility had excessive wrapping and a large overhang on the tops of skids — something the manufacturer thought was necessary for load containment. The manufacturer knew they needed to upgrade their stretch wrappers to keep up with demand.



Originally called in to recommend new stretch wrappers, it was during a Wrap It Right audit the Packaging Specialist noticed a stronger solution. The Wrap It Right audit revealed that the 30-inch film being used was too wide, and could be cut down by a third to save money without sacrificing load containment strength. Paired with the new stretch film, a Wulftec SML 150, equipped with extended height, could wrap pallets faster and reduce film consumption.



Wrap It Right

Crawford’s Wrap It Right Program works with clients to audit and review their existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of load containment and stretch film practices. Through the Wrap It Right program, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

Reduced Waste

The Wulftec SML 150 is an efficient alternative to manual stretch wrapping solutions. Using a one-sided cling stretch film, the SML 150 eliminates the issue of parts sticking together in transit. Chosen for its ability for efficient and consistent performance, the Wulftec SML 150 is an ideal option when considering stretch wrappers.



The manufacturer has realized savings upwards of $4,800 per year on stretch film costs alone. On top of that, the increased performance of their new stretch wrap solution provides reliable throughput in their packaging process.

Reduced Stretch Film Waste

The new, 20-inch stretch film reduced the amount of extra film overhang on top of the pallets. This has created for less waste while achieving strong load containment.


Reduced Consumption

The manufacturer consumes far less film with the Wulftec SML 150 and 20-inch stretch film. Fewer rolls are needed in their day-to-day, which helps them achieve savings of $1,200 per wrapper annually.


Reduced Labour

By switching to 20-inch stretch film, labour has also seen positive change. Previously, the heavy 30-inch film was difficult to change over on the stretch wrappers. Now, thanks to the lighter film, changeovers are faster and easier.