Packaging Specialists

Pack·ag·ing Spe·cial·ist

“A person who specializes in or devotes himself to the packaging equipment and supply industry.”

What is a Packaging Specialist?

Our knowledgeable sales representatives/consultants have decades of experience. The senior sales reps each have at least 20 years experience in the business. They have worked on a wide array of projects, ranging from simple packaging equipment upgrades with limited budgets, all the way up to intricate multi-million dollar facilities.

For decades now Crawford Packaging has been known for training our sales reps to help our customers solve their packaging needs. They have devoted their working lives to learn the Packaging and Shipping industry.

They know best practices in the use of many packaging supplies – stretch filmshrink filmtapesprotective packaging etc.. They are also experts in identifying opportunities for packaging automation.

How We Are Different

Our Packaging Specialists are highly skilled sales professionals providing world class analysis and solutions.


Our Packaging Specialists receive constant and ongoing product training from our World Class supplier partners who represent the finest manufacturers of products and equipment in the industry. We team together with our clients onsite to assess and analyze applications.

Our Packaging Specialists participate in intense needs, application, automation, efficiency and productivity analysis allowing them to provide world class solutions.

Our Packaging Specialists receive training on the Crawford Pillars which means they will take on all packaging wrongs and make them right in order to drive our clients business performance to higher levels.

Produce Packaging Team Preparing for CPMA 2017

How The Client Benefits

Crawford Packaging clients benefit by increasing productivity, reducing waste, reducing labor, increasing throughput, reducing damage and reducing consumption, which means higher packaging performance, lowering overall costs and raising client profits.

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