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The Newest Innovation in Convenience Packaging for Produce. From Crawford’s GrowPack.

In a recent post, we explored the top three consumer demands driving produce packaging trends. The demand for convenience has seen rapid growth, with no sign of slowing down. 66 percent of FPA survey respondents said easy storage packaging was important to them, and 60 percent said easy opening packaging was important.[1] To help Growers and Retailers meet this consumer demand, we have expanded our offering to include new clamshell packaging designs.

cherry tomatoes in growpack snack-pack clamshell packaging

Introducing the New GrowPack Easy Pour Clamshells

These new clamshells are the latest innovation in produce packaging designed for convenience and snacking. Designed with one footprint and three different depths, these clamshells have an easy corner pop-up pressure opening system. This easy opening system allows consumers to open the corner of the clamshell lid and pour out contents for snacking. The corner pop-up opening system enhances convenience for consumers and creates the ideal package for easy washing, storage and snacking. GrowPack Easy Pour Clamshells are perfect for several types of fruit and vegetable packaging, including blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and tomatoes.

blueberries packed in growpack easy pour clamshell on white background

1. Enhance Convenience

  • Easy pouring for controlled portions

  • Easy opening and closing system

  • Rinse, drain and store in the container

  • Improved functionality

  • Strong durability

tiny red and yellow tomatoes in growpack easy pour clamshells on white background

2. Increase Shelf Impact

  • Clear plastic

  • Elegant designs

  • Custom printed labels

red cherries in clear growpack easy pour clamshell packaging

3. Reduce Waste

  • Recyclable

  • Made with recycled material

  • Reduce food waste

  • Lightweight material reduces shipping costs

  • Environmentally conscious – reduced raw materials in the manufacturing process

  • Vent holes allow for the escape of gasses that can cause decay


Contact Us

The demand for fruit and vegetable convenience packaging is growing with no sign of slowing down. Don’t get left behind on the shelf, contact your Produce Packaging Specialist today to learn more about the new GrowPack Easy Pour Clamshells. The new GrowPack Easy Pour Clamshells are available for order in Canada, USA and Mexico.

Fill out the form to ask us about GrowPack Easy Pour Chamshells or give us a call at 1-800-265-4993 or email info@crawfordpackaging.com.

  1. “Brand Value.” Flexible Packaging Facts & Figures - Industry Information | Flexible Packaging Association, 2015, www.flexpack.org/programs/marketingcommunications/brand-value/.

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