Crawford Packaging Unveils New Tagline – Enhancing Your Business Performance

We are pleased to announce that we have adapted our tagline to better represent our promise to our customers. Crawford Packaging’s new tagline is ‘Enhancing your business performance’.

‘Enhancing your business performance’ demonstrates our unique position, not only as the industry leader, but also in how we go to market, with purpose and passion.

Why Enhancing your Business Performance?

1.       It’s not about products but solutions, people, and processes.

2.       It aligns with what clients value – consistent growth and development.

3.       Performance can mean speed, quality, price or savings.

“The new tag line was born out of an exercise to define our corporate purpose. The more we considered our value proposition the clearer it became that every person in Crawford is a link in the chain supporting our customers. When our customers succeed, we succeed. That positive feedback loop provides growth for both of us”. – John Ashby, President

We feel this tagline strongly represents what Crawford’s purpose as a company and what we promise to our customers. Crawford Packaging is North American’s leading resource for innovative packaging and customized solutions in order to maximize efficiency, feed growth, and create consistent throughput.

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