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Automatic L-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrapper

RALS Automatic L-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine is a ruggedly built shrink wrapping machine capable of speeds of up to 20 packages per minute and can be equipped with an adjustable inverting head to accommodate a wide range of heights.

The RALS automatic l bar sealer uses a pusher to transfer product into the package sealing area.

The RALS Automatic L-Bar shrink wrap packaging machine.


  • L-Bar Sealing Operator interface panel provides an easy to use menu allowing changes to the timing functions of the in feed, discharge and sealing functions.
  • Automatic l-bar sealer has safety features such as machine shutting down when the pusher becomes jammed or a package is caught in the sealing jaws are included.
  • An adjustable mechanical scrap re-winder is standard.
  • The automatic l-bar sealer in feed loading table is designed to slide forward to bridge the opening required by the sealing head when the product is inserted into the sealing area.
  • All conveyor rollers and seal head support points use sealed ball bearings which require no lubrication.
  • A pin perforator roller provides even air evacuation


  • Package Size: Maximum 17" wide X 21" long
  • Film: Maximum - 26"
  • Footprint: 55" wide 92" long