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Shanklin® T-72H

Dual Chamber Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin T-72H Shrink Tunnel

The Shanklin T-72H is an easy to use, versatile shrink tunnel machine.  It’s simple control panel design and easily adjustable temperature makes this equipment unintimidating and user-friendly.  The versatility of the shrink tunnel enables the user to shrink most difficult package sizes and keep up to high speed shrink wrapping machines.


  • Variable conveyor speed from 25-150 ft/minute

  • Multiple finstrip (encased element)

  • Independent control for each shrinking chamber

  • Main power circuit breaker


  • Tunnel passage: 10″ high x 18″ wide x 61″ long

  • Conveyor height: 29″ minimum, 42″ maximum

  • Blower motor: 3/4 hp

  • Power: 230 volts, 3 phase, 64 amps, 14.8 KVA max

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