Shrink Tunnels

Shrink tunnels are temperature controlled environments used to tighten shrink film that has been applied by a shrink wrapper around products. Conveyor systems move packages through the oven, allowing for an even application of heat. Conveyors are made from either large rollers or Teflon mesh belts for added stability. 

Shrink tunnels are available in single and dual chamber formats. Single chamber shrink tunnels are perfect for lower packaging volumes that run a lower pack speeds. Dual Shrink Tunnels are great for faster packaging speeds. Allowing for a more controlled shrink with variable chamber temperatures.

Shanklin® Shrink Tunnels

Shanklin’s® exclusive low turbulence hot air distribution and recovery system saves energy over other available models. Shanklin shrink tunnels are hard-working easy to use systems for high performance environments. 

Shanklin T-6H Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin T-7H Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin T-72H Shrink Tunnel

Damark Shrink Tunnels

Damark shrink tunnels feature digital temperature control, precise air volume controls and flow adjustment, high velocity blowers, automatic cool down and variable speed conveyors. The tunnels come in a variety of sizes to accommodate nearly any product size.

Damark S24-T Shrink Tunnel with Pack Cooler

Damark ST-A Shrink Tunnel

Damark STR Shrink Tunnel