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Damark S24-T

Twin Zone Shrink Tunnel with Pack Cooler

Damark S24 T Twin Zone Shrink Tunnel with Optional Pack Cooler

Damark Packaging S24 T twin zone shrink tunnel with optional pack cooler provides a durable, efficient and reliable shrink packaging system solution. Damark shrink tunnel systems are carefully engineered and crafted. Air flow patterns inside tunnels are infinitely adjustable with a DAMARK “Turbo” blower that moves more than twice the volume of air rotating at half the speed of conventional blower designs.

Plus, all Damark heat shrink tunnels offer a high insulation factor for maximum thermal efficiency. Damark shrink wrapping machines are all welded structural tubular steel chassis with top quality components. Damark shrink tunnels are a perfect complement to your shrink packaging system solution.


  • Shrink tunnel machine, 24″ wide x 12″ high x 76″ long chamber.
  • Variable speed roller conveyor with heavy duty 1″ silicone covered steel rollers.
  • Shrink tunnel machine, 19,200 watts heating capacity.
  • Twin electronic solid state time proportional temperature controllers.
  • Shrink tunnel provides, digital temperature readouts.
  • Shrink tunnel twin 1/2HP turbo air blower motors.
  • Shrink tunnel has side and bottom heat chambers.
  • Unique 10 year heater warranty.
  • *Also available in 34″, 44″, 54″, and 64″ sizes.