Wulftec VarioMaster 9471

Automatic Strapping Machine

The Wulftec Variomaster 9471 is an automatic high-performance strapping machine for full pallet loads, ideal for integration in powered conveyor line.


  • AC variable frequency drives standard

  • NEMA 4/12 control panel dust tight and waterproof

  • Organized control panel

  • The control panel is UL508A approved

  • Superior Electrical/Electronic Design including Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC and AC drives

  • User friendly touch screen

  • Easy to understand alarm signalization

  • All motors, proximity sensors, photoeyes and other sensors have quick disconnect cables

  • Photoeyes are maintenance free and protected

  • Made of heavy-duty steel

  • Strapping head indexes towards the load before tensioning sequence

  • Strapping head is mounted on a movable assembly guided through linear bearings, and activated by an electric motor with a timing belt.

  • Bottom section of the strapping arch can be a standard undertrack style or an electric motor driven pallet bayonet for “through-pallet” strapping or a combination of both.

  • Up to 8 straps per minute my be applied

  • Electronic tension control through a variable frequency drive

  • VarioMaster 9471 offer turntables, rotating cross and centering devices as an option for all handling needs…accommodating pallet and palletless loads.

  • Coils of PET or polypropylene strapping with a core diameter of 16″ can be fitted to the high speed dispensers

  • Ability to strap with polyester or polypropylene strapping without parts changes

  • Non-Proprietary parts accessible on a local base


  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC

  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 600 monochrome Touch Screen Interface

  • 24V control system

  • Current overload protection

  • NEMA 4/12 control cabinet

  • Autoheight sensing photoeye

  • Power on/off lockable switch and indicator light

  • 460VAC motor and contactor

  • Two emergency stop stations (1 on panel / 1 on the platen)

  • Manual function for strapping head and conveyors

  • Variable compression setting from 150lbs to 2200lbs

  • Intuitive alarms diagnostic on touch screen

  • Machine and head cycle counter

  • Reset function

  • Strap track with under track configuration to allowing under pack strapping

  • 2 fully adjustable strapping patterns

  • 4 communications I/O signals with upstream & downstream system

  • Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 drive, 460VAC

  • Allen Bradley series 100 contactor

  • Alarm beacon

  • 120 VAC outlet in control panel for service work

GT41 N Strapping Head

  • By changing the optional entry and exit guide the head have the ability to strap with polyester (PET) from 3/8 to 5/8 wide and .020 minimum thick strapping. (special adjustment required consult factory for polypropylène (PP) application)

  • Consistently reproducible strap tensioning through an Allen Bradley PowerFlex 70 VFD and torque motor control

  • Consistently high seal efficiency

  • Environmentally favorable sealing by vibration welding

  • Separate drive section for high speed strap feeding and take up and to achieve maximum tension levels

  • Electronic strap circulation control

Electric Platen

  • 3 HP AC gear motor with Allen Bradley Powerflex 525 AC drive

  • 4′ long (along flow direction) platen with adjustable compression from 150lbs to 2200lbs. The floating platen supported by coil springs.

Strap Dispenser

  • High speed dispenser with pulley block accumulation system

  • Electrical brake that can fits standard coils of PET/PP strapping with a core diameter of 16″ and a width of 6″.


  • Heavy duty folded sheet metal uprights with upper frame structurally integrated with base for greater stability


  • Production Rate: 100 loads per hour

  • Machine Dimensions: 59″ L x 139″ W x 169″ H

  • Maximum Load Size: 50″ wide x 80″ high

  • Load Weight: Limited to conveyor capacity

  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 5000 lbs

  • Electrical Requirements: 460 V /3 ph /60Hz 15A

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