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How to Avoid Re-wraps When Shrink Wrapping Your Products

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"Why do we get so many re-wraps when shrink wrapping our products?"

Re-wraps is a widespread problem throughout industry so here are a few tips to eliminate your issues.

L-Bar Sealers:

  1. Never use a knife or wire brush to clean sealing wire on your L-Bar Sealer Shrink Wrapper as you may nick the wire causing continuous film to build up or the wire to break before it’s time (a soft cloth works much better).
  2. When the burn line from the sealing wire gets too dark, replace the ½” Teflon tape.
  3. If the wires have burned through the first layer of Teflon tape, check the second layer covering the seal pads and replace the second layer if burn mark is too dark.
  4. At the same time as step 3 check the silicone rubber seal pads and turn 90 degrees in the metal channel if there’s a burn mark on the rubber. This ensures even pressure for strong seals.
  5. Ensure your sealer is aligned properly with the shrink tunnel so that the sealed package travels through the center of the tunnel.

Conclusion: By following the above steps, you will almost always get good seals preventing the seals from popping open in the tunnel. Having your package centered in the shrink tunnel will give the package even air flow and hence a better-looking package.

Shrink Tunnels:

  1. Weekly, spray the hot temperature lubricant on the chains while they are moving tunnel with roller conveyor
  2. Weekly, 3 or 4 drops of oil in the oil receptacles on all tunnels.
  3. Visually inspect rollers and belts in the tunnels for scrap film that may be caught or wrapped around the rollers.

Preventative Maintenance Kit should include: 1 roll ½” x 5 mil Teflon tape, 1 roll 1 ½” Teflon tape for seal pads, 1 roll of nichrome sealing wire, 1 can of hot temperature chain lube and 1 can of standard lubrication oil.

Let your supervisor know immediately if there is anything unusual about your shrink wrap machine, so that our service technician can repair the problem before it gets worse and creates more expense for the company.


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