Eliminate the Start and Stop with the Fastest Single Lane Tray Sealer: The Evolution S

The World’s Fastest Single-lane Tray Sealer

Top seal packaging, also known as tray lidding, is the process of utilizing heat and other methods to apply plastic film lids to trays. The process of top seal packaging produces a hermetic seal that protects the product and allows for the use of modified atmosphere packaging. Tray lidding machines were traditionally used for fresh produce packaging but through innovation, top seal packaging can be used to package a variety of products.

Top seal packaging is also a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly packaging solution using up to 25% less packaging material than other packaging methods.

With some top seal machines, they run intermittently causing there to be fluctuations in output. At Crawford Packaging, we commit to enhancing your business performance – increasing throughput is one of the ways we can achieve this.  We utilize the latest machinery for top seal packaging, including the Evolution S.


What is the Evolution S?

Packaging Automation Ltd.’s Evolution S is the result of 4 years of research and development to identify key areas where production may be slowed down throughout the entire top seal packaging process. It is now the most advanced tray lidding machine on the market and has the fastest speed as it can seal up to 250 packs per minute in a single lane format without the need for starting and stopping.

The Evolution S from Packaging Automation Ltd. utlizes SyncroTechnology which is technolohy created to optimize every operation in the top seal packaging process. This ensures the trays are accurately, reliably, and efficiently packed. The reason the Evolution S tray lidding machine can eliminate the start and stop process is because of SyncroMotion and MiAssistMiAssist is an operating system, which is unlike any other top seal machine on the market. MiAssist has clear operating visual signals and promts – using MiAssist, the machine intuatively adapts the rate of operation to suit the rate that the machine is being fed, simplifying the operation, and maximising the machine performance. Since the Evolution S tray liding machine has MiAssist, this allows the top seal machine to use SyncroMotion. With SyncroMotion, the packs are not required to stop as the machine can control the pack the entire way through the packaging process.

Features of the Evolution S Tray Sealing Machine


  • Eliminates intermittent stopping removing the need to stop to reposition the packs

  • Synchro technologies optimize every stage of the packaging process.

  • Features the latest robotic technology to avoid any costly errors.

  • Packs 3 times faster than other top seal technology while operating in a continuous motion to have the highest output rate.

  • Has the ability to package up to 250 packs per minute

  • Enables high-speed feeding of the film for accurate and consistent printing

Are you ready to eliminate the start and stop in your packaging process?

Crawford Packaging will work with you to identify areas in your packaging operation that can be improved with the addition of automated technologies. Contact Crawford Packaging today to get started. 


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