What is MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Technology?

If you are a grower or food processor, it is important to you that your products arrive to the end user before the end of its shelf life. Traditional fresh food packaging can achieve this but once it reaches the retailer, it often is close to its expiry date– what if we told you we can supply packaging products that extend shelf life? Through modified atmosphere packaging, we can extend your shelf life and much more!


MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Technology has been designed to ensure fresh packaged foods stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible. If you’re asking yourself; is modified atmosphere packaging is safe the answer is yes!

What is MAP Packaging?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is an advanced packaging technology that creates an optimal environment for fresh food packaging. MAP packaging is packaging that has reduced oxygen to minimize food loss. The technology increases shelf life by controlling the products’ oxygen and carbon dioxide flow through micro-perforation technology.


Standard packaging ventilation uses inconsistent hole sizes that allow too much oxygen, causing moisture loss. In a low oxygen environment, produce respiration rates lower. Lower respiration rates extend shelf life by preventing aging and ensuring moisture retention through MAP packaging.


MAP Technology is scientifically formulated for your specific product and processes. Testing shows that over 18-days, produce packed with MAP Packaging has a moisture loss rate of less than 1%.



How MAP Technology Increases Shelf Life


  • Retain Product Moisture Rate

  • Maintain Product Weight

  • Maintain Product Colour

  • Maintain Product Texture

  • Maintain Product Visual Appeal

  • Protect Product Against Bacteria

Types of MAP Packaging

MAP packaging can come in many different shapes and forms including:

  • Pouches

  • Back Weld Flat Bags

  • HD Weld Flat Bags

  • Crimp Seal Gusseted Bags

  • Form, Fill, and Seal Rolls

  • Wicketed Bags

  • Flow Wrap Film

  • Top Seal Films

Why Should You Switch to MAP Packaging?


There are many different advantages of modified atmosphere packaging


  • Increase shelf life up to an extra 2 weeks

  • Preserves natural flavour

  • Customizable

  • Reduced food loss, and more!

Increase Produce Packaging Effectiveness

Healthy fresh food results in healthy sales. Modified Atmosphere packaging keeps your products fresh longer. Modified Atmosphere packaging is available in a variety of formats and can be adapted to fit your existing packaging solutions.


Speak with our highly trained and knowledgeable Packaging Specialist today and discover how MAP packaging can improve your produce packaging performance.

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