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Case Sealing Machines: Increasing Productivity for a Manufacturer

Case Study: Manufacturer


Crawford Packaging was contacted by a client who was experiencing poor productivity and throughput volumes. These issues were due to their existing carton erection and taping method. All the Client’s carton erecting and taping was completed manually by hand with hand tapers. The Client found the process to be too slow and awkward for their employees. This awkward process would often result in cartons needing to be re-formed and taped due to improper assembly and taping.

Working with the Client, Crawford’s Packaging Specialist supplied a packaging solution that was in line with the Client’s budget, as well as their limited available space. This packaging solution has since helped the Client increase productivity and throughput while decreasing case erection labour and the need to re-tape improperly erected cartons.

Hand taping with Hand Taper Case Sealing Packaging Operation


The Client required a packaging automation process that would improve their existing throughput volumes and reduce the need of re-taping boxes. However, with limited floor space the Client needed a carton erecting system that had a minimal footprint and was easily integrable into the existing packaging process.


The Packaging Specialist analyzed the needs of the Client and decided to present them with what he believed was the best packaging solution. The optimal case erector for the Client’s needs would be the versatile Little David SP-304. The SP-304 is classed as a case sealer, with both a top and bottom tape head. The SP-304 can be easily altered to be a case erector for packaging operations with limited space and budget. With an understanding of the SP-304's benefits backed by years of experience, the Packaging Specialist showed the Client a video demonstration for consideration. After viewing the demo video, the Client was interested in getting hands on experience with the SP-304.


Crawford Packaging invited the Client to visit our Packaging Equipment Showroom in Brampton, Ontario. With sample cartons in hand, the Client was shown the versatility of the Little David SP-304 as a Case Sealer. The Packaging Specialist demonstrated the SP-304's ability to transition from a top and bottom uniform case sealer, to a bottom sealing case erector. By raising the upper tape head, the SP-304 allows cartons to pass through without sealing the upper flaps. The SP-304 can erect and form cases at a rate of 15 boxes a minute, which would greatly increase the Client's case throughput.

To exhibit even greater efficiencies, a Flexible Conveyor was added to the SP-304 to show the Client how the machine could be optimized for operation by a single employee. The conveyor would allow for the erect boxes to be conveyed back to the operator. Allowing them to both operate the case erector and stack the completed boxes on a pallet.

Case Sealer Taping System Attached to Flexible Conveyor


With a complete understanding of their packaging options, the Client added a Little David SP-304 Case Sealer/Erector and a Wecon Flexible Conveyor to their packaging process. This knowledge based solution greatly improved the Client’s productivity by increasing case throughput, and optimizing employee labour. A single employee is now able to form and palletize erected cartons, without aid from other employees. This has resulted in cases being erected faster than previously possible. The new case erecting system also cuts costly re-tapes, greatly reducing the Clients tape waste and the labour cost associated with re-taping and fixing miss formed boxes.

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