How the BVM Genius Shrink Wrap System Increased Throughput By 71%

Case Study: Produce Grower - Cucumbers


A grower in Quebec had been wrapping English Cucumbers with subpar packaging equipment. Only capable of wrapping 38 packs a minute, the machine was wasting shrink film due to re-wraps and lowering productivity due to machine downtime (from having to change from one pack to another).

Having heard about our high-quality reputation from other large growers, the client approached a Celplast, a division of Crawford Packaging, with the challenge to increase their packing speeds, reduce downtime, and reduce waste.

Celplast’s Packaging Specialist knew the perfect solution for the client’s application: the BVM Genius Shrink Wrap System. To demonstrate the BVM Genius’s capabilities, the Packaging Specialist provided brochures as well as videos of the machine wrapping cucumbers, broccoli, and bell peppers. Satisfied with the demonstration, the client decided to go ahead and purchase the machine for their operations.

Since its installation two months ago, the client was able to raise their wraps per minute to 65, reduce film waste, and increase productivity by reducing machine downtime.


  1. Not only was the client’s packaging equipment only able to wrap up to 38 packs a minute, the machine was wasting shrink film and lowering productivity due to machine downtime. Therefore, Celplast needed to find a solution that would achieve the following:

    1. Increase packing speeds

    2. Reduce downtime

    3. Reduce waste


After learning the client’s needs and expectations, Celplast’s Packaging Specialist showed the client brochures and videos of a range of produce applications to demonstrate the BVM Genius’s versatile capabilities. Already knowing the good reputation the BVM Genius System had, the client decided that they didn’t need to test out other solutions and went ahead and purchased the machine.



The BVM Genius Shrink Wrap System

  • The Genius Shrink Wrap System is the product of BVM Brunner, a German company with an excellent reputation of offering complete production turnkey solutions. Their machines are noted to be built like tanks with their long lifespans, heavy construction, and extreme reliability.

    What makes the BVM Genius stand out amongst other systems is its versatility. The Genius system can hold 100 recipes and seals several types of films including: polythene, PVC, polyolefin, and polypropylene (OPP, CPP).

    On top of this, the BVM Genius system is one of the lowest maintenance shrink tunnels on the market and has the capability (based on the integrity of the package & type of application) to wrap a whopping 150 packs per minute. In terms of wrapping English cucumbers, Celplast guarantees that the Genius can wrap up to 80 packs/minute.

    Check out this solo cup application and this DVD application to see the BVM Genius’s versatility!

This video demonstrates the BVM Genius’s capability of wrapping 80 English Cucumber packs/min.

Client Testimonials

“For the past year I have been working on a BVM Compacta 7030 Shrink Wrapping Machine purchased from Celplast around June 2005…We run a number of different products (shape and size) on the machine. It is versatile with a one touch changeover feature and touch screen controlled settings.” – Technical Leader for a Manufacturer “[We are] very pleased with the purchase of the BVM in late summer of 2008…we are a large packer of hydroponic greenhouse vegetables and needed a high-speed piece of equipment that would handle more capacity, increase our output, and improve the quality of our 3 pack seedless cucumbers. The BVM has met and exceeded these expectations. As a matter of fact, the BVM has identified the other bottlenecks in our line that we have to address in order for us to fully utilize the speed it is capable of.”


Kabo has been using TempGuard™ for over a year now, which has produced the following results for their business:

  1. They have gone from one skid of TempGuard™ a month to six.

  2. They are able to market themselves as eco-friendly due to TempGuard™ being 100% curbside recyclable.

  3. They can now ship to destinations that are further away, allowing them to reach new audiences.

“We have been able to scale the business by expanding our delivery capabilities. Before we were using TempGuard™, our insulation would only allow us to ship to destinations that we could reach in 24 hours or less. We’ve been able to reach an entirely new audience that we couldn’t service before.”


Increased Productivity

The client is now able to wrap 65 packs per minute (a 71% increase) with the capability & guarantee of reaching 80 packs/minute with their application.


Reduced Waste

The client’s machine reject rate went from 10%-12% (on their old equipment) to 2%-3% (on their new equipment).


Increased Throughput

The client is now able to wrap 65 packs per minute (a 71% increase) with the capability & guarantee of reaching 80 packs/minute with their application.