Reducing Stretch Film Waste and Consumption with Wrap It Right

Case Study: Crop Seed Grower


Crawford Packaging recently worked with a crop seed grower to improve their stretch film efficiency and consumption rates. The Grower was experiencing high rates of stretch wrap consumption. The Grower was already using Crawford’s Guardian G60 stretch film for 2 years. However, their total savings was being severely limited due to their old, worn out stretch wrapper.

Crawford’s Packaging Specialist visited the Grower’s facility to perform a packaging consultation and Wrap It Right audit. During the audit, the Packaging Specialist identified that the Grower’s stretch wrapper was not properly stretching their film. This was increasing their film consumption rates. Following a short trial period, the Grower replaced their worn wrapper with a new Wulftec SML 150 stretch wrapper.


A Crop Seed Grower was experiencing high rates of stretch film consumption. The Grower had been using Crawford’s Guardian G60 stretch film for increased protection against punctures. The Grower’s existing stretch wrapper was old and worn down. The increased film consumption was driving up stretch wrap costs and resulted in poor load containment.



The Grower’s Packaging Specialist worked with the Grower’s Warehouse Supervisor to perform a Wrap It Right audit and discover the root of their problem. The audit discovered that the outdated stretch wrapper was delivering a 0% stretch rate. This was far from the 250% stretch rate capable of the Guardian G60 film.

Following the Wrap It Right analysis, the Packaging Specialist noted that the stretch rates offered by modern stretch wrapping equipment would reduce the Grower’s film consumption by at least 50%. That reduction in film would pay for the cost of a new wrapper over time, as well as offer continual savings for years to come. To experience the savings first-hand, the Grower trialed a new stretch wrapper in their facility.


Wrap It Right

Crawford’s Wrap It Right Program works with clients to audit and review their existing stretch film practices and equipment to identify inefficiency. Wrap It Right will increase productivity and reduce costs through standardization of load containment and stretch film practices. Through the Wrap It Right program, clients have realized up to 30% on their annual stretch film costs.

Wulftec SML 150 Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

The Wulftec SML 150 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper can stretch wrap 55 loads per hour. SML 150 offers an efficient alternative to slower hand wrapping solutions. It is a low-profile, octagonal base turntable stretch wrapper that is ideal for facilities that require a wrapper with a small footprint. The SML-150 uses a 20” No-Thread pre-stretch carriage with a dual chain lift that is signalled by an auto height sensing photo-eye.

Through the trial of the SML 150, the new wrapper delivered a 200% stretch rate as default. With a rate of 250% promised to the Grower, the Packaging Specialist and Crawford Technician made technical adjustments to deliver what was promised. The Grower was impressed by Crawford’s diligence in delivering the originally promised rates of stretch.


Following the trial period, the Grower added the SML 150 to their packaging solution. This knowledge-based and impactful packaging solution has helped the Grower to increase their stretch wrap containment, improve stretch wrap throughput and greatly improve their stretch film use, driving down costs.


Reduced Stretch Film Waste

With the increased stretch rate, the Grower is now more efficiently using their stretch film. The 250% stretch rate has reduced the Grower’s consumption by 50%. This reduction in film use has helped the Grower reduce their film waste per pallet, resulting in savings of $2,500 per year.


Improved Stretch Wrapping Throughput

The increased film utilization of the SML 150 turntable wrapper enables the Grower to wrap more pallets per roll. The increase in pallets wrapped reduces the number of roll changes experienced per shift. This enables the Grower to increase their pallet throughput and wrap more pallets per shift.


Increased Stretch Film Containment

The 250% of stretch offered by the Guardian film and new Wulftec wrapper firmly holds the Grower’s loads to their pallets. This increased containment offers more stability during transport and has reduced the Grower’s risk of pallet collapse.


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