E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

Packaging plays a vital role in your e-commerce fulfillment process. It is responsible for protecting your products throughout the shipping process, preventing costly damage and unsaleables. Packaging ensures your product makes a perfect first impression and provides a positive customer experience.

At Crawford Packaging, we will work with you to fully understand the packaging requirements of your products and provide you with the best available options to ensure your products reach your consumers in pristine condition.

Automated Mailer Systems

Here at Crawford, we take pride in helping our Ecommerce based clients meet their targets and goals. By optimizing your packaging through automation, we guarantee you will see noticeable improvements in many different areas of your business. Automatic e-commerce packaging machines create the perfect sized mailer for your product without the need for manual adjustments. BVM Brunner is an industry-leading manufacturer of automated e-commerce packaging machines. Discover our full line of automatic mailing systems today.

  • Save up to 50% of labour costs

  • Up to 150 cycles per minute

  • Automatically packages for random length, width and height

What Makes Us Different

Crawford Packaging and E-Commerce Shipments

Crawford Packaging works collaboratively with customers to develop and implement packaging solutions best suited to their needs, product requirements, and industry standards. With three locations across Ontario, Crawford Packaging has been safeguarding finished products from manufacturing to consumers for more than 50 years.

Secondary Packaging Experts

With decades of experience in developing turnkey packaging solutions for clients, Crawford Packaging has become an industry leading expert on the development, implementation, and optimization of secondary packaging materials and processes. We work with industry leaders and innovators to deliver to our clients the most cost effective and reliable packaging options in a variety of materials and formats.

Whether you are shipping glass wear or sensitive electronic components, Crawford Packaging has the right packaging to ensure your products reach their destination intact.

Preventing Damages and Decreasing Unsaleables With Protective Packaging

Protective packaging is a key element of your product’s journey, making sure it arrives in perfect condition when it reaches your consumer and ensures a positive unboxing experience. Using protective packaging improves your packages stability, limiting the possibility of dangerous shifts and slides that lead to costly damages and returns.

Crawford Packaging works with industry leaders and innovators to provide our customers with the most effective and reliable protective packaging products.

Protective Packaging Types

  • Fill-Air Inflatable Packaging

  • Paper Void Fill

  • Angle Board

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Packaging Foam

  • EPS Foam

  • Desiccants