Crawford Packaging Exhibiting at CPMA 2023 in Toronto

Crawford Packaging will be exhibiting this year at the CPMA Annual Convention and Trade Show on April 26-27th in Toronto, Ontario at the Toronto Metropolitan Convention Centre.

If you are attending this year’s CPMA show, come visit us at booth #131 and discover the Crawford Packaging advantage.

This year we are excited to be highlighting our amazing offering of produce films and new sustainability products. We offer produce solutions for a variety of product ranges and packaging formats.

A Focus on Films and Sustainability

Produce packaging films are one of the key components to protecting your fresh produce on its way to market. In today’s market, it is estimated that between 25-50% of all fresh food is lost before it makes it to market. Produce packaging and films work to reduce food loss by increasing protection and extending product shelf life.

Our NEW Product – GrowPack Net Trays

GrowPack net trays are the newest innovative fresh produce packaging tray on the market. These produce packaging trays offer great savings while using 50% less plastic. This sustainable produce packaging solution has a mesh design that allows for easy washing, reduced waste, and cushioning to the product.

Features and Benefits:

Top Seal Films

Top seal packaging is one of the fastest growing packaging methods in the produce market today. Top seal packaging for produce growers offers added protection of a hard container with films that are designed to increase shelf life – all while using up to 25% less raw material. 

Our top seal films are designed to work with a variety of tray materials including metal, fibre, plastic, and more.

We are bringing a variety of top seal materials for you to see in person! Some include:

  • GrowPack top seal films
  • Paper top seal film
  • Pre-printed top seal film, and more!

Flow Wrap Films

Flow wrapping is the process of creating a bag around a product as it moves through a flow wrapping machine. GrowPack flow wrap films are made from custom manufactured BOPP films which are optimal for your fresh produce packaging. GrowPack flow wrap films can improve your packaging process by:

  • Improved product appearance
  • Reduced moisture
  • Reduced waste, and more!

Fibre Trays

In Canada, the demand for sustainable produce trays has increased significantly over the last few years. fibre produce trays are compostable, recyclable and 100% food safe.

Fibre produce packaging trays are manufactured from a blend of wood fibres and are compatible with a variety of automated packaging machines.

CPMA 2023 Participating Team Members:

Steve Thoms, Packaging Specialist

Brandon Taggart, Packaging Specialist

Doug Crowe, Director of Business Development

Abbie Goettling, Digital Marketing Specialist

Carey Berdock, Market Manager – Food Processing

Xavier Peña, Director of Corporate Development

Sam Capson, Produce Automation Manager

Stuart Jackson, Vice President of Produce Packaging

If you have registered for CPMA’s Fresh Summit 2022, learn more about our solutions by coming by booth #131 to speak to one of our Packaging Specialists. See you there!