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Bringing Innovation to PackEx Toronto 2019

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Celplast, a division of Crawford Packaging, is revered in the shrink-wrapping world for their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative product offering. Leveraging over 40 years of industry experience, the packaging specialists at Celplast offer robust packaging solutions that continue to revolutionize the way their customers pack.

Crawford Packaging’s strategic acquisition of Celplast gives new opportunities to both companies as they pool resources and knowledge. The two organizations have nurtured their powerful combination of experience and technology to offer groundbreaking packaging solutions.

And we’re bringing that innovation to PackEx Toronto.

As the show’s longest-running exhibitor, Celplast has developed a name that’s synonymous with excellence and a true breadth of knowledge of shrink wrapping. PackEx shows off the best that the industry has to offer — and Celplast is in the top-tier of this prestigious group. Specialists from both Celplast and Crawford are bringing the top machines on the market to demonstrate the full range of our packaging solutions.

Where to Find Us

Celplast and Crawford will be at booth #1103 from June 4-6, 2019, at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

PackEx Toronto Floor Plan Celplast Packaging Systems Booth 1103

The Machines We Will Have on Display

Shrink Wrappers


There’s no shrink wrap machine on the market that performs like the BVM Compacta Genius. Combining the best technology with years of experience in the market, BVM designed the Genius to provide fully-automatic packaging. From in the infeed to the heating system, every aspect of the Genius is committed to performance and autonomy.


BVM’s shrink tunnel conveyors offer best-in-class shrink wrapping technology for a seamless process. Easily add the SC 4530 SD into your packaging line thanks to its customizable features and layouts. Easy to operate and capable at running at many different speeds, the SC 4530 SD excels at shrink wrapping products of varying shapes and sizes.


Marden Edwards BX 125

Both flexible and efficient, the Marden Edwards BX series of overwrapping machines is capable of wrapping speeds up to 60 packs per minute. Thanks to a PLC control system and HMI, combined with quick-change tooling, there’s nothing holding your operator back from running a smooth overwrapping process.

Flow Wrappers


RGD Mape’s VR-6 Sprinter is a fast, compact, and flexible flow wrap machine. With a length of only 5 meters, the VR-6 can pack up to 120 packs per minute while still maintaining simple and intuitive operation. Thanks to adjustable features, the VR-6 can adapt quickly to changing produce without putting your line out of commission for extended periods of time.

Tray Sealers

Packaging Automation SL4 MOTION

The Packaging Automation SL4 Motion is a tray sealer that’s designed to operate as cleanly and cheaply as possible. This machine is fully electric, meaning that no air is needed to operate it — a feature that greatly cuts down on energy costs and allows the SL4 to operate in any environment.

Case Sealers

Loveshaw SP304

Case sealing is both easy and simple with the Loveshaw Little David SP-304. With an extended side belt-driver, this uniform case sealer effortlessly folds, seals, and propels cartons at speeds up to 20 cases per minute. Fully adjustable and easy to use, the Little David SP-304 can fulfill a wide variety of needs in a packaging operation while remaining reliable and easy to operate.

Pallet Strappers

Wulftec VARIO MASTER 9471

For a fully automatic strapping solution, the Wulftec VarioMaster 9471 offers easily-integrated and unwavering performance. Designed for full pallet loads, the VarioMaster 9471 complements any packaging line by running speeds up to 100 loads per hour.

To learn more about PackEx Toronto, visit the official website.