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Loveshaw Little David LD-16A

Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

Loveshaw Little David LD-16A Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

The Loveshaw Little David model LD-16A case sealing solution provides low cost fully automatic top and bottom case sealing for applications involving large runs of uniformly sized boxes, cases and cartons. The Loveshaw Little David model LD-16A uniform case sealer system offers continuous high speed case sealing and automatic sequencing without an operator.

The Loveshaw LD-16A automatic case sealer is the ideal sealing solution for application requiring: efficient, effective, high speed uniform sealing of corrugated boxes.


Reliable Performance - Warranty

  • 1 Year Motor*
  • 2 Years Gear Reducer
  • 3 Years Cartridge*


  • Tapes boxes in a variety of sizes (see below)
  • Can be ordered for 2" or 3" wide tape

Easy Operation

  • Plug in operation
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Sealed drive system
  • CaseLocker ST® tape cartridge requires no lubrication


  • UL listed
  • Safety doors automatically shut down machine when opened
  • Knife guard system of the CaseLocker ST® tape cartridge only allows the blade to be exposed when the rollers have been depressed


  • Special paints, lacquer, enamel, epoxy, special colors, and stainless steel
  • Spare pressure sensitive tape cartridge
  • Spare parts kit
  • Other conveyor heights available
  • 3 phase electrics & NEMA 4
  • Customization to extend standard case range capacity


Power Requirements

  • 110 VAC, 60 Hz, single phase, 10 Amps
  • Note: Other voltages available. Contact Loveshaw for details.

Air Requirements

  • 4 SCFM @ 70 psi

Operating Speed

  • Continuous belt drive; 80 per minute (24.4 m/min.) (production rate depends on box size & operator dexterity)


  • LD-16A: 650 lbs (295 kg) uncrated
  • LD-16B: 850 lbs (386 kg) uncrated

Case Capacity: (LD-16A standard with 2" wide Caselocker ST® Cartridge)

  • Length: LD-16A: 8" (203mm) - 24" (610mm)    
  • Width: LD-16A: 5" (127mm) - 20" (508mm)    
  • Height*: LD-16A: 4-1/2" (114mm) - 20" (508mm)