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Loveshaw Little David LD-Xss

Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

Loveshaw Little David LD-Xss Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

The Loveshaw Little David LD-Xss Uniform Case Sealer was designed to excel in the most sanitary sensitive industrial environments. The LD-Xss was created to meet an increasing demand for a case sealer that could remain in line while plants were being washed down.

Heavy duty stainless steel design, fast/easy maintenance, easy clean design, and versatility make the LD-Xss a great value for any packaging line.


  • Quick change from 2” to 3” tape in the field (12 minutes)
  • Lever action to lift/remove self tracking endless belts (2 minutes)
  • Easy Access Motor/Quick change time (20 minutes)
  • Quick disconnect electrical cabling (5 minutes)
  • Minimized overlapping joints and utilized standoffs to meet AMI specifications for wash down
  • Heavy duty sealed stainless steel tubing allows for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable height levelers with self-sealing insert prevents water migration


  • Extremely Durable: Made with heavy duty stainless steel design and continuous TIG welding
  • Versatility: Provides 2″ to 3″ changeover in field and mirror image changeover in field.
  • Fast and Easy Maintenance: Provices patent pending quick release drive belts and easy access to motor mounts for fast changeover.
  • Reliable Performance Warranty:1 Year all component, 2 Years Gear Reducer, 3 Years Cartridge
  • Anti-Microbial/Easy to Clean Design:
    •  Maximized water shedding to prevent bacterial growth
    •  Minimal overlapping joints to meet AMI standards for wash down environments
    •  Sealed tubular construction promotes easy cleaning


  • Recommended spare parts kit
  • Spare CAC60 tape cartridge
  • 3 Phase motor (any voltage)
  • Stainless steel top squeezers
  • Stainless steel front pack table
  • Stainless steel casters
  • NEMA 4 Wiring-enclosure-switch & motorwith epoxy gear reducer